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Cockpit Movie Download Star Cast:

  • Dev as Captain Dibyendu Rakshit[6]
  • Koel Mallick as Riya Dev Rakshit[7]
  • Rukmini Maitra – Kirti Sachdev
  • Prosenjit Chatterjee as Dibyendu’s late father, Captain Dibakar Rakshit (flashback)
  • Bulbuli Panja as Captain Dibakar Rakshit’s wife/Captain Dibyendu Rakshit’s mother
  • Jiyaul Roshan as Neil Banerjee, Dibyendu’s assistant
  • Shataf Figar as Air Traffic Controller
  • Paran Bandopadhyay as Mr. Dutta
  • Priyanka Sarkar as Afreen Hamidi
  • Raj Chakraborty as Shanu Ghoshal
  • Anindya Chatterjee as Kitty’s father
  • Sayoni Ghosh as Monica / Kitty’s mother
  • Arshiya Mukherjee as Kitty
  • Rosa Paromita De as Justin, Kriti’s friend and an air hostess
  • Ambareesh Bhattacharya as Passenger on the plane
  • Nadir Chowdhury as a passenger on the plane
  • Abhishek Singh as Ushneesh
  • naseemul haque
  • sonali roy
  • Dia Mukherjee
  • Padmanav Dasgupta as TV news reporter
  • Devmoy Mukherjee as Airman
  • Krishna Kishore Mukhopadhyay as Monica’s father-in-law

Cockpit Movie Download Storyline: Reviews

Captain Dibyendu Rakshit’s (Dev) flying skills are tested to the limit when the passenger plane he is flying from Mumbai to Kolkata starts losing pressure in mid-air and the inclement weather and strong winds force an emergency landing. makes it impossible.

It is a tamasha that soars into the uncharted skies of Bengali cinema. And maybe, just maybe, drop a hint of a bigger spectacle to come – the adventures of Captain Dibyendu Rakshit’s kid in outer space? If this happens, it will be very turbulent. On the other hand, Cockpit appears to be an adventurous day in the life of Captain Dibakar Rakshit’s (Prosenjit) son, which leaves room for a prequel as well. This is intelligent cinema – a rarity in an industry filled with mindless remakes, antic dramas and oversexed thrillers, which are systematically driving audiences away from theatres.

Like Dev’s earlier production, Champ, Cockpit is an adrenaline rush. The mid-air drama is never over-dramatic—there are no crazed passengers and no superhuman heroes; In fact, at times it seems that passengers are under-reacting. But their conversation, even witty conversation, adds excitement in small quanta, making the big picture quite dramatic.

But unlike the pure visual rush of Chander Pahar or Chump, Cockpit relies heavily on VFX. This is the only chink in its armor. The visual effects are fine until the climactic sequence, in which the plane makes an emergency landing. The way the plane behaves on the runway defies all the laws of physics. After the last test, no aircraft could possibly taxi to the landing and that too in one piece. Worst-case scenario is that left wing grinds against the runway, sending sparks flying. After such a harsh brush, the aircraft should have veered to the left and crashed on its nose, given that the right wing was being lifted by a strong crosswind. But it freezes and falls on the wheels, which are also intact. It is clear that the VFX team has used a lot of imagination and less science. Also, the conditions inside the cabin do not reflect the harsh reality outside. It’s amateurish in a film that otherwise covers all departments.

Shoddy VFX, however, does a bit of damage to the thrilling cockpit drama. It’s suave and lighthearted from the start, Nayaka never stoops to theatrics, and has song and dance sequences that don’t feel like bolts from the blue. Then there are the stellar performances, especially from Rukmini, who plays the angry, drunken airhostess, Kriti Sachdev. Coming from a broken family, she is insecure, overbearing and vindictive when rejected. She is once again appearing natural (after Champ’s debut) as she floats through the extreme emotions that define Kriti. Even Dev portrays his character with maturity, never trying to go overboard with emotion. Kamleshwar knows his actor and his limits, which is quite visible. But yes, it is high time Dev works on his English as much as he does on his muscles. Despite playing the rest of the dibs perfectly, he falters when it comes to barking orders in English – a norm in the aviation industry. Some words are hard to understand.

As far as Koyal is concerned, she has done justice to her role of Riya, wife of Dibs. Her role doesn’t demand much, but within its limits, she shines. Prosenjit makes the most of his guest appearance playing a seasoned pilot whose life revolves around planes. The passengers including Priyanka and Paran have done a good job, and so has Roja as Kriti’s roommate, colleague and friend. However, Raj’s performance suggests that he should stick to direction and Shataf as an air traffic controller who handles a near-crash situation is a bit too stylish and nonchalant.

Overall, the cockpit is definitely worth a look. Don’t just walk in expecting a suli or a fling, and you’ll walk away feeling completely entertained. happy flying

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