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Movie Information:

Full Name: Minuscule: Valley of the Lost Ants
release year: 2013
Country: India
sub headline: n/a
Runtime: 1h 29m
Language: [English]Quality: 720p


A newly hatched ladybug is intimidated by a group of flies and tries to fly away, but the flies chase after her. The ladybug crashes and breaks a wing. Unable to locate her family, Bhindi takes shelter in a tin for the night. Tin filled with sugar cubes, part of an abandoned picnic. In the morning, different types of insects and insects are enjoying the picnic. A patrol of black ants find the sugar and begin carrying the tin, which the ladybug is still inside, to their nest. The ants encounter a patrol of red ants and offer them a sugar cube as a peace offering, but the red ants chase after them for the rest of the sugar. Black ants run down an embankment and run into a stream on the tin. The ladybug falls into the water and the ants save it from becoming the lunch for a hungry fish. Red ants chase them into the soda can. They all pass over a spring and the tin flows down to the shore. Black ants pick up the pieces of sugar and start taking them back to their nest.


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