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Sirens Movie Download Star Cast:

  • Hugh Grant as Reverend Anthony Campion
  • Tara Fitzgerald as Estella Campion
  • Sam Neill as Norman Lindsay
  • Elle Macpherson as Sheila
  • Portia de Rossi as Giddy
  • Kate Fisher as Prue
  • Pamela Rabe as Rose Lindsey
  • Ben Mendelsohn as Lewis
  • John Polson as Tom
  • Mark Gerber as Devlin
  • Vincent Ball as Bishop of Sydney

Sirens Movie Download Storyline: Reviews


In this story, we follow the journey of Tony, a newly arrived Anglican priest from Britain, and his wife Estella as they visit controversial artist Norman Lindsay at his compound in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales. The church expresses concern over a blasphemous painting of the Crucifixion that Lindsay plans to display, and Tony is sent to investigate. Upon arriving at the compound, Tony and Estella are immediately struck by the bohemian lifestyle of Lindsay and her group. Nudity is common both in the studio and outside, and conversations about sexuality are candid and open. Initially, both Tony and Estella are troubled by this behavior, but as the story unfolds, they find themselves drawn into it. Estella is particularly influenced by the bohemian attitude towards sensuality and sensuality of her surroundings. Her relationship with her husband lacks passion, and the model’s surroundings and life are siren calls that lead her to fantasize with increasing intensity. Despite her reservations, Estella finds herself joining the models for a nude swim in a nearby pool. When Devlin, a half-blind “odd job,” arrives on the scene and naked women flirt with him, he is shocked. On a later occasion, Estella sees two models caressing the maid, and joins them in caressing them. She is unaware that her husband is watching the scene and is disturbed by the sexual content of the scene. Estella’s increasing involvement with the models leads to Devlin’s late-night visits, which he regrets the next morning. However, her husband witnesses her intimacy with the model and encourages her to share a passionate moment with him. Estella’s attitude towards her husband changes, and she begins to show him more physical affection. Despite Tony’s displeasure at Lindsey’s discovery of his wife’s likeness included in a group of nude women’s paintings, Estella remains unaffected, commenting only on the painting’s likeness. As they leave the compound and board a train home, Estella’s attitude towards her husband has changed, and she falls asleep dreaming of being naked on a cliff with the other women.

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